DoorDash IPO: The Last e-Commerce Frontier?

On Wednesday, December 9th, shares of DoorDash, a food delivery app, started trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “DASH.”

Top Ten Words That Almost Rhyme With Bubble

So, as a tribute to David Letterman’s very first Top Ten List, let’s create our own “Top Ten Words That Almost Rhyme With Bubble.”

The DJIA Hit 30,000 for the First Time in History

This year has brought retirees the end of the longest-bull market in history, two market corrections, an official bear market and as of November, what looks like maybe the beginnings of another bull market.

Monthly Market Commentary – NOVEMBER Recap 2020

Investors were thrilled with November’s performance, as all 35 of the developed markets tracked by MSCI were positive for the month. And of the 40 developing markets tracked by MSCI, all of them were positive too, with EM Eastern Europe ex Russia leading all markets with a monthly gain of 27.21%.

Perhaps the Most Needed Hole-in-One of All Time

Scheduled annually for the first full week of April, the Masters is the first major of the year. Except in 2020!!!

The 2020 “Day After Election Day” & Markets

So, since the presidential election was called over the weekend, that means that Monday, November 9th could be considered the 2020 Day After Election Day (“DAED”). And what a day the markets had.

IRS Makes Annual Inflation Adjustments for 2021

The Internal Revenue Service announced annual inflation adjustments for the 2021 tax year for more than 60 tax provisions, including standard deductions and the tax rate schedules.

Market Insights – October 21, 2020

Housing Continues Its Rapid Ascent Despite Exploding Lumber Prices

COVID Brings Uncertainty to Q3 Earnings Season

Do companies really not know how they will perform in the future?

Monthly Market Commentary – SEPTEMBER Recap 2020

September 2020 will be remembered as reinforcing the notion of the September Swoon – that seasonal trend in the stock market and one that has been well documented by researchers and the press.

Should You View Your House as an Investment?

The National Association of Realtors recently announced that first-time home buyers accounted for 33% of home sales in August, which is up from 31% a year before.

Marriage Financing for the Millennial Generation

Young adults born between 1981 and 1996, the Millennial Generation, face a variety of challenges in their quest for financial security – especially those preparing to get married.