Senior Executives (with a concentration in healthcare)

In general, senior executives do not have the time or the desire to focus on complex financial planning and are looking for a trusted partner to manage their financial assets, including building and managing a wealth management plan designed to maximize capital, reduce taxes, establish charitable giving plans, and preserve wealth for future generations. From individual stock option planning to overall wealth management, our team can take the day-to-day management of personal finance off your plate, freeing your time to focus on your career.

While we work with executives in many industries, our concentration in healthcare stems from our past career experience. Chris’s work as a CPA in the industry gives him an understanding of the unique challenges—financial and otherwise—faced by executives in this high stress environment. Wendy’s career in medical supplies and pharmaceuticals adds to this focus. Inevitably, as a result of our years of working together with our healthcare colleagues, many of these individuals became our clients years ago and remain with us today. We speak the language of the healthcare industry, and we understand the nuances of industry-standard retirement plans and executive options.