Successful Women

Highly successful women—business executives, business owners, and other high-income professionals—comprise a significant percentage of our clientele. And while women may not have different financial goals than men, over the years we’ve found that both our style and our approach to planning are appreciated by our female clients.

For successful women going through a life transition after divorce or the death of a spouse, careful wealth management is an important part of moving forward. Our team can assist with the many financial aspects of divorce planning to help protect your personal assets and your future. In the case of the death of your spouse, we can help guide you through the legal and financial tasks required to protect your assets so you can focus on handling the other aspects of your new situation. Working with you as your trusted financial partners, we can help you navigate the multitude of decisions and actions that must be addressed, including:

  • Coordinating the efforts of your attorney, CPA, and other business professionals
  • Identifying unknown financial and legal documents
  • Understanding any changes in cash flow
  • Defining your personal goals before being bombarded with well-meaning advice from others
  • Creating a realistic budget for the immediate and long-term future
  • Managing existing retirement accounts to provide current and future income
  • Offsetting or valuing a business
  • Learning how to thrive post-transition